How To Set Goals

How can you truly discover what you what in life and make your dreams a reality?

Through the utilization of effective Goal setting, you can lay the foundation to truly change your life. The process goes well beyond thinking about what you want to do and writing them down. You are going to be taught how to program your goals into your subconscious, attach your 5 senses to your underlying core values and produce an internal system to regulate your progress.

We all have dreams and desires.  What I want you to do is stop for a moment, close your eyes and ask yourself, what is one major aspect of your life you really want to change?

Take a moment to fantasize and let your mind wander without limitations.

This simple exercise of closing your eyes and visualizing something is what ALL truly successful people do. Creative Planning, Creative Visualization, are a couple of names you will here that refer to the process of envisioning something in your mind before it can actually become a reality.  Take a look around you, at anything, it had to be created in someone's creative mind before becoming a reality. For ANYTHING to happen in the real world it has to happen in our imaginary world first.

The icons that have changed the world ALL used a creative state of daydreaming to formulate their ideas or course of action.

This is really a form of self-hypnosis or guided imagery.

The more you thin thoughts of success, the more you become successful.

In order for you to improve your life, you need to improve your thoughts. All of us need to do this creative activity of designing goals.

Goals are VERY important and without them, you are leaving a lot to chance.

Goals are what keep you going. When the mind has a target, it can focus and direct itself until it reaches its goal.

If you have no target then your energy is dissipated.

You get what you put out. So if you put out vagueness with no clear direction you will get back vague answers with limited results.

Failing To Plan, Is a Plan To Fail

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Most people set goals that do nothing to move them our of there current situation.  Plan are put in place just to get through the week, what to get at the grocery store, when to get the kids etc.

They don't actually stop and design the life they really want to have.  Many people are just followers, do what ever everyone else is doing.

Less than 3% of people write down their goals.  The other 97% of people metaphorically stumble through life experiencing many ups and downs and no clear idea of what is going to happen to them in the future.

5% of the population holds 90% of the money.

The top 5% income earners have certain traits and characteristics.  One come trait among

Most people don't really plan in a way that it is going to have a positive impact on the mind.

I'm going to use an analogy of a boat in the ocean before it leaves the dock.

If there are 2 boats docked in the harbor and 1 boat has its captain and crew, coordinates of where they are going, fuel etc. They are well equip with the things necessary to successfully get them from point A to point B.

Then there is Boat #2 with a confused captain, unorganized crew and  no coordinates.

Boat #2 once it leaves the dock could end up anywhere.  Something good could happen or something bad could happen.  It's all left up to chance.

The future is something you should be spending your energies focused on especially since you are going to be spending the rest of your life there.

Throughout your life I am sure you have heard about the importance of goals, been asked to set goals or initiated yourself. Most motivational speakers, life coaches or counselors use goal setting as a major part of the personal development system.

What I am about to explain to you may sound familiar but please pay very close attention to what is the crucial difference and probably directly connected to some of your failures or misfortunes.

Goal setting is directly related to the thoughts that are programmed into our mind.  And as I continue to stress, if it was as simple as just closing your eyes, imagining what needed to be done then everyone would get what they wanted.

The crucial difference this time is you are going to be assisted in helping you program your goals directly into your subconscious.

Often what a lot of motivational speakers, life coaches or counselors do is tell you what to do and then expect you to go out and do it yourself.  Unfortunately most are programmed to repeat the same behavior over and over with the same unsuccessful results.

This is where reprogramming comes in and developing a system to reprogram exactly what you want out of life, help you program your mind to have you focus directly on what is needed to accomplish your goals.

It’s not as difficult as it may appear when you have the right solutions but it can be very intimidating and uncomfortable if you have no clear direction, accountability or real motivation.

When you have a goal, you have a purpose, a clear understanding and the mind needs this clarity. If you can't see where you want to go you wont ever get there.  You will continue to arrive at points in your life which may continue to be undesirable.

While on course to achieving your goals, you may face set backs that cause you to stop. It is very important to implement small milestone to let you know you are still on course and if not making small adjustments will get you back on track.

Goals determine your direction, your energy levels. When you program the mind to focus on something with precision, the likelihood of it happening is inevitable.

Please understand this works in both directions for positive outcomes and negative outcomes.

As explained in the in the subconscious program, the subconscious does not have the ability to

If you spend your time thinking about ways NOT to be fat having internal dialogue such as "I don't know why I keep gaining weight." Remember, the subconscious does not know how to reason so it process gaining weight, gaining weight.  This is why negative internal dialogue as such a negative impact on our actions.

Reinforcing the negative suggestions...Why am I so fat, how can I not be fat anymore?

Always state your goals in the positive...How am I most easily going to look healthy and in shape.

Spend so much time on what they don't want so the end result

Repetition Is The Agent For Success

For things to change, you have to change

Don't wish it was easier, Wish you were better. Don't wish for less problems wish for more skills. Don't wish for less challenge wish for more wisdom.

Most unhappy people have a very high level of negative internal dialogue, the glass is always have empty, expecting the worse to always happen.

By regularly concentrating on what you do want, you are conditioning your mind to attract of more it to you.

Goals focus your mind so you concentrate your energies in a particular direction.

Consistency Is Key
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