The Process

Establish clean whole foods diet reflective of the foods that make you feel good.
- You will choose from a specially designed food list and create delicious menu items that you actually like.
- Create some consistency and balance within your body to see where your overall body health is.
- You will begin to notice a change but better results are soon to come.
Implement a scheduled eating window also know as Intermittent fasting
- Remove cravings
- Restore your body to function more optimally
- Some nagging chronic issues may begin to go away
- At this point you want to do some test to determine where there are inefficiencies in your systems.
- Before making any major modifications you want to do a reset.
During the new Intermittent Fasting routine you will introduce a period of prolonged fasting between 24 and 72 hours.
- During this stage you will begin to experience cell rejuvenation, more importantly enter into Autophagy.
- The balancing of the right dense nutrients is important maximize the positive effects and eliminate or minimize any potential negative effects.
- After returning to your Intermittent Fasting schedule, you want to do an evaluation and make any modifications.
- Once you have made the necessary modifications and you are please with your revived health and wellness it is important understand how to make this sustainable on your terms without feeling restricted.
- Once you are able to get your bad out of fat storing mode and reprogram it to burn fat as fuel your overall health will improve dramatically